My New Year’s resolution that’s stuck (so far).

For the last few years I’ve seriously considered various resolutions for the occasion of January 1.

I like to think of a resolution not as a reason to change something existing, but to try something new.

But everyone knows that the trouble with New Year’s resolutions is sticking to them for 365 days – straight.

We all know that most resolutions are out the window within a few weeks days hours.

Despite my prior failings in achieving resolutions, on January 1, 2010, I made a list of new resolutions.

There were probably too many on the list.

Quantity over quality never wins, don’t you know?

I had the usual high hopes for all the regular stuff: healthy lifestyle, more exercise, form better habits, sit up straight. All of the “behavioural change” things that people are so darn obsessed with year after year.

To my credit, I’ve been a mostly healthy person throughout this year and I am playing more sports than ever before; but, I suppose I could work on my posture a bit more…. these resolutions are hard to track and don’t have a measurable component (unless you’re willing to create one).

And in the mix of all the regular resolutions that get lost in the shuffle and forgotten about was a resolution that stuck.

More than just sticking with it, it’s become a bit of a game I’m playing with myself.

What’s the resolution, you ask?

I resolved to not begin watching any new TV shows throughout the year of 2010.*

I cannot watch any new TV shows until January 1, 2011.

It’s about consuming less.

It’s about curbing the habit of just flicking channels until I happen to find something watchable.

It’s because I find TV to be a very addictive substance for me, and whether you want to call a Saturday in your pj’s without moving for hours on end while you sit like a vegetable with the boob tube substance abuse or not, I’m trying to avoid feeding an obsession that is, so far, relatively easily controlled.

Yes, there are exceptions to the rule (like getting stuck watching a show at a friend’s house), but as long as I don’t run out for a DVD box set, or start downloading the current season, I’m in the clear.

And so I’ve not seen the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. I’ve missed out on the Tru Blood phenomena.

I have read more books, spent more time with friends and family, and had more time to just sit and think.

Three great reasons to keep on goin’ with this resolution.

Six more months to go.

I think it might be a tough burden to bear, but like all great achievements, I think this might stick longer than just the calendar year.

*All current shows that I was engrossed in were allowed to remain on the watch list, as well as new or old movies and any reruns or DVDs of shows that I have already seen.


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